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jaycrabill September 21 2014 19:09:21
Hey guys, i got a new skin for tonight. I've uploaded it to the site, and to the cup room on teamspeak, goes in the number 24 chevy
Pap2 September 21 2014 00:20:28
I'm Baaaack just a few day before another year added
bigdaddy September 17 2014 20:41:29
Your gesture is very kind Racen.
Racen53 September 15 2014 02:46:35
My Sincere apologies Kenny you know that's not my style... Again very Sorry Troy
ASI PAUL September 14 2014 18:18:14
I will be on tonight but only as admin i will not be running anything for awhile
Racen53 September 14 2014 06:34:37
As long as no one has a problem with this...I will be running the #42 for the rest of the season and I want all points to go to Paul...if anyone has an issue with this please got with me hutch53lms@y
Chad Pruitt September 11 2014 00:52:51
what happened?? lol
aaron September 10 2014 23:33:16
No race this week after all guys.
aaron September 10 2014 17:26:32
Rained out at work. Practicing with a setup from another track. help lol
jayson23x September 08 2014 22:17:20
Hey anyone going to be on turning laps for dirt factor? I'm gonna try to hop on around 7 for a little while
ASI PAUL September 07 2014 03:43:21
Remember to have all dirt stuff D/L for this weeks race season starts
aaron August 31 2014 02:11:10
I'm throwin' dirt.
Racen53 August 29 2014 23:26:15
If you have noticed the servers and TS are down Paul will reboot them when he gets home
aaron August 28 2014 03:05:51
http://www.sprintcarsonline.com/scotrack sdirt.html
ASI PAUL August 27 2014 23:59:24
No Kenny there on Wed nite, No race this week or next just practice season will be starting soon for them
Kenny_27 August 27 2014 21:42:41
Is dirt factor on tuesday?
aaron August 21 2014 18:30:00
Excellent dirt race last night. Real big field. 13 or 14 cars I think.
aaron August 20 2014 01:10:46
Practicing df right now. A few people on there with me.
ASI PAUL August 19 2014 21:36:19
Teamspeak is workiing just not on site for some reason
ASI PAUL August 19 2014 21:28:34
Might be a little late tomorrow night if you guys want to wait on me if not just run a practice race or something dont matter to me
Snow Storm Panel
Knoxville Raceway-Boz Knoxville
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19-11-2014 23:25
Congrats again Yoshi!!

17-11-2014 05:54
Congrats Yo5hi

17-11-2014 03:44
I know I'm repeating myself, but thank you all for having me. This title really means the world to me coming on this day.

27-10-2014 18:06
I know Y05h1 going to work on it today for some reason everytime i did them it put yo there i will have it fix by tongiht

27-10-2014 02:23
Paul, please fix the points. After martinsville, i'm supposed to have 8042, and aaron was 9th

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