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Dave Wittstruck June 11 2015 20:37:21
everything seems to be working offline now but need the server started up to test online. Smile
Dave Wittstruck June 10 2015 21:39:07
hello... is anybody around? can't get on teamspeak. I need help! game loads fine can get into a test session or race room online but when I try to go on to track it crashes and computer reboots
Dave Wittstruck June 08 2015 07:41:16
Shock OMG I Got A P/C! hopefully it will be good enough to run the mod.
aaron June 08 2015 00:04:28
Gimmee a Pocono set now!
Y05hi 24 June 05 2015 04:50:02
Hey guys. I'm gonna be gone for 2 weeks b/c job training in California, so i'll need provisionals for pocono and MIS. i'll see y'all at Infineon.
aaron May 31 2015 23:22:33
The exe file or crack, should be on the file browser on ts. Or I'll give it to you when I get on tonight.
Maverick May 31 2015 17:44:40
Anybody by chance have a #3 painted car laying around for this mod?
Maverick May 31 2015 03:44:39
Where do I get the cracked version of Vhr. So that I can install this Vhr extreme folder...lol
Racen53 May 31 2015 02:01:18
it should be in TS pappy
Pap2 May 30 2015 22:21:07
Where do you get VHR Extreme
LEFTY-39 May 30 2015 06:40:59
whats up? i'll be here if the wifi holds up lol sup Mav?!?
Maverick May 30 2015 04:44:23
oh yea guess who is back
LEFTY-39 May 27 2015 02:35:31
where do we put vhr extreme after we d-load it? and howdy everyone it's been a while!
Y05hi 24 May 23 2015 06:43:17
I'm gonna need a provisional for Charlotte.
Tha Shat May 17 2015 05:34:52
i guess servers are down. dont see teasmspeak on this site and cant connect on ts3
Tha Shat May 16 2015 21:46:12
need p****word anf d need p****word and ip code ffor tpeak and new mod. trying to get up and running. please help
bigdaddy May 11 2015 02:12:26
https://www.google.com/search?q=logitech +GT+wingman&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=-wB QVbLhBcLUsAXHo4GoAg&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAw&biw=11 64&bih=654#imgdii=DJwgnQwWi5iqjM%3A%3BDJw gnQwW
bigdaddy May 11 2015 02:12:11
Mile Man. Go to this link for some pics of your wheel and pedals. I know you can open the pedal base and get to the pots. You can spray some electronic parts cleaner into the pots (I think) and get th
Y05hi 24 May 07 2015 21:34:59
The results from Talladega haven't been posted, or points updated. also, i need a provisional for kansas this week please.
tsunamitommy May 03 2015 21:16:22
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16-08-2015 04:11
Needs LPP for this week again

14-08-2015 02:40
I might need a provisional for MIS, depends on when I get back from the race.

10-08-2015 02:18
Got you Danny thanks

08-08-2015 01:05
Needs LPP for this week Michigan again

22-07-2015 21:06
Happy Birthday Down Low Dave!!!!!!

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